The Torch Bearer

Mr. Pradeep Kumar Mishra and his wife Monika Dutta Mishra, had great influence of Manava Bharati and Dr. D.P. Pandey and were keen to have the approach adopted and experimented with. Having resigned from a public sector and MNC jobs Pradeep Mishra wished to do something meaningful and different from a comfortable routine job. The couple decided to establish a public school in Khagaul (where they lived) and Buxar, their native place. Foundation Schools were established in Khagaul andBuxar -in the years (1997) and (2008) respectively. The two schools cater to the needs of local communities with the ideals of Manava Bharati at the heart of the founders. Dr. D.P. Pandey and his child centric approach kept reminding them consistently. Dr. Himanshu Shekhar, a family friend of the couple and an educationist, had already been pursuing D.P. Pandey’s ideals in schools,he established at Dehradun and was always available for support to the couple in their earnest bid to establish a center of excellence in child centric education. Himanshu kept sharing his learnings from Dr. D.P. Pandey and Manava Bharati and encouraged them to try and pursue similar perspectives.

Success of the Foundation Schools, ideals of Guru Ravindra Nath Tagore and Dr. D.P. Pandey and Child centric approach proving a game changer at the two schools they had established, Let the couple to establish Manava Bharati International School (MBIS), at Patna. Plans began in 2016 and MBIS, Patna was established in the year 2018. MBIS is a tribute to Guru Ravindra Nath and Dr. D.P Pandey and is dedicated to their vision of child centric, perspectives-‘The Child at Center’.

Manava Bharati International School is a public Senior Secondary school affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), New Delhi.