Interact Club

The Interact Club at MBIS offers a handful of fun and exciting activities.

The club creates an opportunity to the students to give themselves wings to fly. It forms a small community which attracts students to share the same interest such as Music, Dance, Art,Theatre IT, Science and Sports .

The Club activities help students to develop sense of unity and teamwork, learning how to work with others in reaching the same goals. They help learners develop social skills.

Different activities provide plenty of opportunities for students to take on leadership roles and show off their talents through club activities. They are able to discover that they can actually be productive and successful in many other ways outsidethe classroom. This boosts their level of confidence and their sense of independence.

Co-curricular activities

Curricular and Co-Curricular activities are a part of a complete school learning program. They are a terrific way to get away from the four walls of the classroom and do something different.

MBIS has put together various creative and fun school activities for all grades throughout the year, once a month for every class/individual.

Co-curricular activities are intended to bring social and intellectual skills, moral, cultural and ethical values personality development and character advancement in children. It includes Recitation Competition, Dance, Story Telling, Debate, Quiz, Technothon, Sports and plenty more to keep the children excited and enthusiastic.

The activities designed are structured and balanced with the academic curricular so that every student gets the opportunity to learn beyond books.

The activities are designed keeping in mind specific learning outcome.



Manava Bharati International School draws its essence from human development perspectives of a great contemporary psychologist Albert Bandura who emphasized developing imagination, reflection and self-efficacy as essential elements of human development. For the above, to fructify, MBIS underlines the need for collaborative pedagogy to help others learn and benefit from each other’s social and psychological perspectives and endowment. We are also guided by the values of Aristotle who posited, “Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all”, underscoring need for developing empathy and compassion. All our activities and programs are tuned to achieve the above.

MBIS’s programs are carried out in a spirit of collaboration and empathy. The teachers and students on one hand and the teachers, students and parents on the other, work together in all spheres be it ideation, incubation and innovation and implementation, evaluation and assessment of the same. There is absolute transparency and fairness. We are not so much fixated with scores and percentages, neither do we encourage unhealthy comparisons: for us every child is unique dispositions. Emphasis is given on enquiry, exploration and innovation which can help bring the best from each student.

Similarly, we don’t restrict our knowledge transaction to be confined within the four walls of a classroom. The children enjoy a vast area with a natural ambience where they can study independently or in groups. Knowledge production under such an environment becomes real collaborative and inclusive. The scientific laboratories, large class rooms and open space offer freedom to explore and try.

We are completely in sync with the tenets of new education policy of the government which emphasizes flexibility, freedom and explorations.