In today's times, Robotics as well as Information and Communication Technology has become a fundamental part of our lives. Keeping up with technological advancements is a necessity these days. Every second there is a new discovery, a new step forward towards a completely unimaginable future. Here, in MBIS not only do we teach our students to nurture traditions, but also to keep up with the ever-growing world. The future of our world needs to be more accustomed to technology and they must learn to feel comfortable with it. To achieve this, not only do we make them use technology more often but also expose them to the creative side of it. In these labs we provide a hands on experience wherein children can build robots, do coding and so much more. It helps in developing their cognitive abilities and creativity. The Robotic lab is equipped with tools, manuals and kits which students can access in the supervision of their instructor. The IT lab is equipped with a TV and, latest models of PCs lined up in a convenient arrangement. Children connect, build, learn and most importantly enjoy with an adequate amount of freedom here in these labs!