Dear Parents,

Greetings from Manava Bharati International School!

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you and your child into the Manava Bharati family. We are now into the 18th year of the 21st Century. Hence it will not be unfair to say that Manava Bharati at Patna is truly a 21st Century school as your child is. Our core educational values have been moulded to meet the challenges of the future. A lot of the choices we make in our schools' policies and methods are shaped by the view we hold the future ahead of us. Let me elaborate on what some of these beliefs are:

  • The aim of life is to work joyfully and find happiness. The aim of education must be to impact not just the mind of a child but also the heart of a child. We have to therefore work on the entire personality of the child which includes knowledge and emotions. This is Manava Bharati's approach to holistic development.

  • Each child learns in his/her own way and style. We must be patient to allow the child to grasp knowledge in his/her own way. The child's natural curiosity has to be preserved and the child's self-esteem has to be carefully nurtured and not harmed through excessive control. This is the Manava Bharati way of child-centric approach to development.

Manava Bharati will remain true to these beliefs. We will interact with teachers, parents and children in an open and authentic way and show great ownership for the tasks we take up. We will take risks and innovate. We will fail once in a while but we will never give up and will do so with complete honesty and commitment to our children.