Manava Bharati International School

Manava Bharati at a Glance

The transformation of human mind and thought is much more essential in tumultuous times when upheavals are affecting not only the physical state but also the mental and emotional well-being of people at large. In such trying times, dire need to provide security, stability and hope for future leads to the birth of intellectuals, who awaken and energize the humanity.
One such time period was the first half of the twentieth century where brightest Indian minds converged to free India from the tyranny of British Colonialism. Freedom from the British rule was only the first step towards complete freedom. Freeing the mind from the slavery of a more than millennium was the next. These intellectuals realized that subjugation of the mind will eventually lead to a loss of identity and the future generations would be nothing but clones of the West. In order to reignite the awareness and cultivate the uniqueness of rich cultural heritage of India, Dr D P Pandey came up with a vision of establishing institutions all across India, with the sole purpose of providing education that liberates human mind.
We look forward to associating with you in our journey towards "Bhartiyata", the Indian way of thinking and action that has kept our great culture alive for more than 5000 years.

Location: Infrastructure and academic environment

We are located in Patna- the ancient Patliputra- which is witness to several historic events and important scientific and mathematical formulations led and championed by legendary scholars, thinkers, teachers, philosophers, scientists and prodigies in different fields demonstrating exceptional insights and qualities.Patna has been the seat of learning and the neighboring Nalanda’s iconic identity, as the international center of learning, is all too well known. Contemporarily,Bihar and Patna, however, is witnessing a different scenario marked by migration of students even at the school level. We feel that thereis need for quality education and institutions with stronger values and perspectives. Our child centric perspective fits quite well and appropriate to fill the void. MBIS is an initiative to create a niche in school education.

MBIS is located along NH-139, an upcoming address and institutional hub on the outskirt of the state capital of Bihar-Patna. The surrounding landscape is dotted with the All-India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS); Water and Land Management Institute (WALMI); Administrative Training Institute (ATI, Govt. of Bihar); National Institute of Hydrology(NIH); Hydraulic Research Center; ITBP sector Headquarters; Indian Council of Agriculture Research (ICAR); Regional office of the Road Transport and Highways and the famous Mahavir Cancer Hospital. It is approximately 3 K.M. away from Danapur Railway station and 7 K.M. Patna Airport. This makes MBIS as part of a diverse institutional neighborhood which can allow important multi-disciplinary interface to learn and benefit from. A network of connecting roads and flyovers make MBIS conveniently accessible from all parts of the city and the adjoining areas.

Built on a sprawling campus of approximately two acres MBIS’s iconic architecture, using exposed brick technology, is a great attraction in the locality. Its location, at the sidewalks, allows peace and tranquility. The architecture of the campus is so designed that every area / corner allows adequate air, light and physical space to engage in various activities requiring an informal and open mind . The large open field is used for multiple activities including open air teaching and demonstration.