Collaborative perspective and 3A strategy

Catering to the specific needs of the children would call for a transformational perspective and appropriate approach. MBIS cultivates and nurtures collaborative perspective in which the teachers act as facilitators and partners rather than knowledge dispensers (givers). This is a major shift which is perceived as empowering the students. Gradually, the perspective is being perceived and endorsed by the parents as critical for the academic excellence and well being of the children. Following its child centric perspective MBIS practices a 3A strategy. This includes the followings on the part of the students:

  • Self-(Assessment) of one’s strengths, weaknesses, competencies and aspirations
  • Self-(Analysis) of what one feels about him/herself and factors influencing his/her current situation. The analysis is shared with the parents and the teachers to evolve way forwards for the students as well as the school,
  • Collaborative –(Actions). Based on the above, a collaborative action plan is developed underlining ‘What’, ‘Who’ and ‘when’ elements. Responsibilities are assumed and assigned.